Are you tired of having little to no Brows at all?

It's time to raise your brow game

Voted Statesboro's best Microblading Studio

Are you tired of having little to no Brows at all?

It's time to raise your brow game

Behind the Eyebrows of Lindsey

Meet the owner of Boro Brow Blading and Statesboro’s voted best Microblading Specialist. Lindsey, Licensed Esthetician and Microblading Certified, comes from an extensive career in hair removal since 2011. She has a driven passion for bringing confidence back to women of all ages by correcting clients thinning, sparse and uneven Eyebrows to their specific needs. Lindsey embraces and maintains the professional skills and qualities necessary for working with clients to help them feel and look their best, inside and out.


“How rewarding it is to see such results.”


“My eyebrows were patchy and blonde, which made it look like I had little if any! I used a pencil every day to fill them in, which made me feel like I needed to put on makeup to balance out the look of the pencil… But NOT ANYMORE! I went to Lindsay for Brow Blading and have never been happier. I actually have gotten many compliments on how perfect my eyebrows are. I giggle because they don’t even realize I have had them bladed. And now I don’t feel the need to wear any makeup at all! That’s how natural they look! The healing process was easy, I had a little scabbing the first week but no biggie! I am beyond satisfied with my decision to go through with brow blading! Lindsay is very thorough and professional with her services, and pricing is very appropriate for the services!! Thank You, Lindsay! Boro Brow Blading was a GREAT choice for this low maintenance gal!”

E. Madhu

“As I age and EVERYTHING about me is changing, I felt like my eyebrows didn’t show up anymore. I had to color them in constantly. I grew tired of trying so many different pencils, eye shadows , and brow brushes. Lindsey introduced me to brow microblading. She was very detailed and did a great job! It was pain free and didn’t take any longer than going to the hair salon. A year later, I still don’t have to touch my brows… so I can actually be on time. I am very happy with the results of my brow blading. Stop waiting! Go see Lindsey at Boro Brow Blading!”

R. Stewart


“I have extremely light brows and have been drawing them on my whole life! I am so happy with I went through with this! Lindsay was very professional, clean, and meticulous in the details! Now I don’t have to worry about my brows coming off at the pool, or if my sunglasses rub them, or them being even!!  I would highly recommend Lindsay to anyone considering this.”

A. Clifton 


“Lindsey is so awesome and professional I love how at home and comfortable she makes her clients feel!! My brows look so beautiful, she’s super painless and made me so at ease… I would definitely recommend her for all your brow needs!! Thanks Lindsey you’re amazing!”

B. Tilley


“I am so happy with my brows. Lindsey did a wonderful job. She answered all my questions before and after the procedure. She explained the procedure as she went and allowed me to give input. Also, it was completely pain free. No discomfort. I would recommend using Lindsey if you are looking to have this procedure. Very professional.”

W. Bird


“Lindsey did a great job. I’ve been insecure about my eyebrows for years since they started falling out after having kids due to hormonal issues. This helped me get my confidence in my eyebrows back. The pain wasn’t bad at all and the results are totally worth it. I highly recommend booking Lindsey for microblading if you’re in need. She’s great!!”

R. Smith


“I loved Boro Brow Blading!! Lindsey did a great job and did everything I asked for!! I used to spend so much time filling in my eyebrows to make them look darker and have the shape I want and now I spend zero time on them when I’m doing my makeup! 10/10 would recommend this to everyone!!”

E.K. Dasher


“Great experience! Very professional and kept me informed of what was being done. Definitely exceeded my expectations!”

P. Dixon


“Love my brows. Lindsey is the best and makes you feel very comfortable. Definitely recommend her!”

K.D. Pennington


“Very comfortable atmosphere! Lindsey exceeded my expectations of brow blading! She listened to what I wanted and made it happen! Highly recommend!!!”

S. Dyches


“LOVE MY BROWS! Lindsey did a great job and is super sweet and professional!!”

K. Elizabeth

“Lindsey is a professional who takes her time and produces quality work. She is kind and takes her time to give you what you want. She really has an eye for gorgeous brows. I am so happy with mine and would recommend her to anyone! I’m so glad I don’t have to fill my brows anymore! “

S. Lackman

“Very pleased! Great results and excellent customer service!”

S. Keith

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